Media Law School 2016

Summer Law School – Media Law

25th – 31st July 2016


Last summer we hold a Summer Law School,  here in Trieste, with the same topic, but this year we have got new contacts and we have thought about new opportunities and activities, that could improve our Summer Law School and make it more interesting.

First of all, we have thought about including a Moot Court Competition during the Summer School Week. The topic will be, of course, linked to Media Law, and we will ask to our Comparative Law Professor to help us in the organization.

We have also thought that the prospect of a couple of prizes for the three best teams would make the competition more appealing and competitive. For instance, the possibility to win a law magazine subscription or law books and an internship for the best competitor.                  

Lastly, we have thought about the possibility to plan a one-day journey to Venice with all the participants, including the possibility of visiting the venetian prison.

Should you have any queries of what it is stated above, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Per gli studenti dell’Università di Trieste ci sono condizioni di partecipazione agevolate. Scriveteci a


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